WOTP 2019

WOTP 2019

WOTP is one of the event which was mentioned hundred times by many Russian WCS dancers, who went there every year. However, we have never been there before 2019.
Usually we preferred going to few smaller events instead of one big. WOTP is considered a bit costly for Russians and you have to save money for few months to afford it. 

On February we got a message from our friend, who told they have a room for two people in their apartment at WOTP. It could be a good opportunity for combining vacation and dancing, we thought, and said YES!

Here are some impressions we got at this incredibly special event.

The venue

So far it’s the best venue for WCS event we have ever seen. Big expo center with giant main ballroom and few smaller but still big rooms for workshops and parties. Ceilings are high. Air conditioning works well. Shops and public transport stops around. Enough toilets and places for rest. Separated cozy smoking area. In one word – perfect.

Amount of people

In first weekend there were around 600 people. We do not often go to big events, so this amount of dancers looked very exciting! You enter the ballroom, get to the dance floor and get lost in people. There were two dance floors with different music and both were normally packed.


Speaking about it – in Moscow we kinda got used to this type of parties, when you have one “active” ballroom with active music and one “romantic” ballroom with slower or acoustic songs. At WOTP conception was similar, just sometimes second ballroom has become a blues dance floor. It is very cool – moving between two rooms, checking where music fits your mood and needs better. One particular thing bothered both of us – at some point music started to repeat. It seemed that every night DJs were playing same 20 songs over and over again. Songs you know by heart and those which every WCS dancers should know, but eventually it was way too much. Sometimes you just want to dance to something.. New?


This is a very special part of the event. Themes are not too bothering – white party, beach party, relax party, Romanian party. Basically you had to prepare some kind of a costume only for Romanian party. Must be said, some costumes were just EPIC. It can be seen at group photos. At first party each participant got a white T-shirt and marker. After each dance you could sign your partner’s T-shirt and in the end of party person with most amount of signings got a prize :) There also was a party at beach restaurant, which lasts from 10pm to 2am. This party is something you don’t want to miss. Maybe, wooden floor with sand is not perfect for dancing, but dozens of stars above, sea near the dance floor, warm wind and happy atmosphere make this party unforgettable

Social dancing

We can’t complain about social dancing at WOTP. Maybe some beginner dancers were struggling with invites, but it didn’t looked like this. As we are pretty experienced, we had no trouble finding a partner, and often they have founded us first. In Russia french dancers have a very nice reputation, and it was confirmed at WOTP. Almost all leaders, even beginners, have a good frame and connection. All ladies are actually dancing and creating something to music. And most importantly, everyone smiles and dances with each other. It makes all dances very comfy and fun.


We wanted to have a vacation and rest, so we bought party passes. It turned out that we could easily have full passes and still be resting enough. Parties end at 4-5am and workshops start at 1pm! Enough time to sleep! Also you have one day off for resting or sightseeing. (We did lots of that, there are few attractive destinations in 30-60 minutes by train). So, next year we will definitely take classes.
Overall we must say, that organizers did an incredible job. This is event you don’t wanna leave. Actually it wasn’t over yet when we decided to come in 2020.
Fun part is that only Artem has photos from WOTP and I somehow managed not to be in a single one! :D
As we had party passes, we had plenty of time for pool, beach and sightseeing. Nice is pretty, Mougins is simply breathtaking. Evetything you can reach in 30 minutes by train or by Uber.

What we realized is that next year we're definitely taking classes. Being so effective during daytime, we want to put all energy into learning while there are hottest hours outside.

Overall, it was first event since Sunny Side Dance Camp me personally wouldn’t want to over. Last day almost brought me to tears. Sending much love Maxence, and looking forward to next year!
If you haven’t been there and doubt if it worth it – trust us – it does!