Our story

Once upon a time there were two strangers...

But The Fate always has it’s own plan. In February, 2017 we managed to have a small talk in Moscow WCS chat. That conversation became a beginning of our journey together – journey, full of dancing, working and love.

Artem got to see WCS video and decided to try this dance. He was feeling a bit frustrated with lots of office work and wanted to try something new in dancing. WCS turned out to be something challenging, but still full of fun, joy and opportunities for growth and development as a dancer and a teacher.

On that moment, Oksana was dancing WCS for 7 years. She was teaching WCS on a weekly basis in Moscow. Somewhere at that point Oksana and Artem have met each other.

Eventually, we ended up being together all the time. We train, go to events, compete in strictly, organize workshops and give privates. We also learn Carolina shag as a second dance. At some point we decided to open our own dance school (TripleStep.Me), and to teach by Artem’s professional methodology, based on his significant experience and education and on mine (Oksana’s) experience and knowledge in WCS.

The journey has just started.


Artem Lebsak

WCDS 15381


When life is dancing since very beginning...

Artem was born in dancers family. His parents were dancing and teaching ballroom back then. Artem started to dance at 4 years old and his first competition was at his 6 y.o.

A lot of travels, tournaments, trainings – dancing was a huge part of his life. Latin and standart program – 10 dances. Artem left primary school and started his education in ballet school.

At 16 he started to teach at his parents dance studio. Then he made it to university and got higher education in professional pedagogy. He is a choreographer, ballet master, dance teacher and methodist, according to his diploma.

His 30 years experience in ballroom (dancing, teaching, judging) was enlarged with jazz-modern, salsa, bachata, west coast swing, Carolina shag and many more.

Artem loves West Coast Swing, as he says, because this dance has no boundaries. No need in constant partner, no need in fancy shiny clothes. You can dance to lots of different genres and tempos. You can express yourself in so many ways.  And Carolina Shag is tricky dance for deep thinkers and people who like challenges – right for Artem!


Oksana Chudnova

WSDC 11203


WCS as a lifestyle...

Oksana has never thought she's gotta be a dancer. But one day, when she was 19 years old, she saw a video of... Tango! That's it, she thought, I will learn how to do it. But something went wrong and Oksana found herself at WCS workshop. It was 2009.

We did not have much WCS in Saint Petersburg back then. Out teachers were lerning basic themselves, we were learning from them. Those were good old times. And then Oksana went to her very first WCS event in Moscow, met Benji Shwimmer, met another pros and... 

Since then dancing became a huge part of life. Lots of travels, workshops, new friends, late night dances... You know how it is, right? You just fall in love with your hobby. A bit later Oksana got an invitation to teach in Sweden with Swing Viking – Dennis Andersen. That was a lifetime Oksana realized how satisfying and fulfilling teaching is.

Then she came back to Saint Petersburg and started teaching there. In few years she moved to Moscow, kept teaching and travelling. Eventually she met Artem and it was a beginning of brand new dancing and teaching partnership. Artem showed her Carolina shag, and after some time she already preferred dancing it to fast blues rather than WCS :p

Oksana is not a huge competition fan. She prefers teaching good connection, being gentle to each other in dancing, how to make each dance good inside rather than outside. "Outside" part is Artem's zone :)

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