West Coast Swing

We are two West Coast Swing dancers from Russia, Moscow. We are sharing our knowleges and passion – Oksana has been dancing WCS since 2009, and Artem has more than 25 years of dancing and teaching experience.
Couple in dance and in life, together we are a perect duet for teaching and working with the audience.

We try to balance our workshops, so there would be not too much competiton stuff, but also not only fun patterns. As professional dancers, we know that constant work and technical aspects is as important as having fun at parties.


– Basic. Forever and ever
– Smart Connection 
– Angles & levels changing
– Acceleration & Deceleration
– Redirection & Cycling
– Circular & Linear moves
– Counterbalance, stretching, compression
– Interaction and dialog
– How-to-ground yourself

...and many more


– Competiton. How to stop worrying and start winning
– How to dance safely and comfortably
– Develop your presentation
– Dance structure
– All aspects of musicality 

...and more

Carolina Shag

Carolina shag is a fun dance with fancy footwork and it's perfect for dancing to fast blues. Some may think that C.Sh. is very similar to old school WCS and they will be right. 

Artem was the first who got intrested in Carolina Shag. Actually, first he saw the video and then he came to the class, but... He confused two dances and got to learn WCS. Because Carolina Shag was barely present in Russia.

Then he started to dive into it more and more, and eventually got to teach Carolina Shag on a regular weekly basis with his partner. He was teaching for 2 years, before Oksana got some time and interest in learning Carolina Shag. We danced a lot at home and at parties, pretty often we got lazy and danced Carolina Shag instead of WCS fast blues :)

This is dance we are very intrested in, we are constantly learning and will be happy to help you learn as well. 

– Carolina shag basics in 1 hour
– Carolina shag & WCS. How to switch and switch back.
– Advanced moves and patterns in Carolina Shag
– Carolina Shag Footwork in WCS

...and many more

Posture and lines

Posture and lines are very important part of any dance. Even if you only social dance – good posture makes your connection better!

Thanksfully to Artem's ballet master education, we created some workshops, which can be usefull as for WCS dancing, as for any other dancing as well. 

Classic dance excerises, jazz modern, etc – things that can be used for making your dance look really good.

– Your lines in dancing
– Body Isolation
– Body in Balance
– Work with momentum

...and many more

Teaching skills

Being a good dancer and good teacher are not always the same. Dance teaching requiers a lot of effort and takes some time to grow a good teaching skill.

Artem is a professional choreographer and methodist. He was teaching dance for more than 25 years. Classic dance, jazz modern, balroom, salsa, WCS, Carolina shag... He says, that no matter what dance you teach, principles are always same. 

Together we created metodics for WCS classes – from beginners (0-6 months) and further. This metodic is very well balanced between strict dance teaching and having fun with students, so they won't leave after few months.

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